Because we understand that the clinical knowledge and skills for which international nurses receive training within formal educational nursing programs could potentially be missing the protocol components for national standards, we have developed a specific clinical program to bring the international nurses up to date in all standard phlebotomy protocols; both pediatric and adult, cardiac monitoring and medical procedures. This clinical program applies all the pertinent medical standards, such as the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), the Center for Medicare System,  Center for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), National Certification Medical Association (NCMA) national standards and competency skills credentials, board of medical examiners, department of education encompass scope of practice for the clinical medical assistant, clinical phlebotomy, clinical electrocardiogram and also the American Heart Association.

In a specific continuing medical education program formulated just for international nurses, in less than six months, the participant will achieve national industry credentials and basic life support/automatic external defibrillator (BLS/AED) certification. If your desire is to obtain a job as a clinical medical assistant, or in the laboratory or in the cardiology unit or in the emergency department within the United States of America, this is the program for you. And if you want to enhance your competency skills and international credentials and certification, in order to expand your professional growth within your scope of practice, this is also for you.

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